‘Messy’ make-up, the hot new trend you will love!

Straining before the mirror as you apply party make-up and worried you’ll blur the eyeliner or smudge your lipstick? Don’t worry about your wobbly hands, you’re actually right on track of achieving the latest new style trend: deliberately messy make up.

Fall 2017 runways from around the globe have shown an explosion of bright coloured eyeliners, smudged lips and just-out-of-bed hairstyles. From Giambattista Valli to the Lakme Fashion Week, the make-up was all about colouring outside of the lines and experimenting with shapes.

After all, perfect make-up and absolutely-in-place hair looks great… on Barbie. You, the human woman, need something edgier and far more interesting to express yourself! Now we don’t suggest you turn your everyday make-up looks into Halloween night stuff, but you can mix things up a bit to stand out at those winter weddings.

Elle magazine calls them “just-made-out” lips. But you can achieve the look while maintaining a safe distance from another human being! Deliberately smudging your lipstick at the edges is a hot make-up trend, as are two-tone lips, with your upper and lower pouters done up in two different shades of the same colour.

We love the Argan-oil infused Lakme Absolut line of lipsticks for this look: the glossy, smooth lipstick is easy to apply and smudge!

Sixties-style uneven lashes, a colourful or sparkly “overliner” worn over your usual black kohl, and eyeliner worn in the upper crease of your lid, as if your hand slipped an inch are all ideas that sound OTT but look lovely in execution.

LA Splash’s Art Ki Tekt eyeliner is great for creating those interesting shapes around your eyes.

They call it the “cool-girl” look on the runways, but we decode it for you: the idea of salon straight hair being fashionable is passé. Let your hair look healthy and naturally messy – like it should! Flyways, hair somewhere between straight and wavy, and messy buns and ponytails are all in – and balance out your perfect outfit nicely. BBlunt’s line of hair-styling products is great for customising your look the way you want.