Tackling The Common Myths Around Contact Lenses

Trading in your glasses for contact lenses or just getting a fresh makeover for your eyes, first experience with contact lenses could be intimidating. If bizarre fears about wearing lens are stopping you from getting that Caribbean Aqua colour on your eyes you always fancied- it’s time we explore this transition together and separate facts from fiction! Let’s tackle the top myths associated with contact lens.

  1. Will my contact lens get lost behind my eye?

Admit it, crazy as this may sound, we do get this thought whenever we think of wearing a lens. However, put your fears to rest, as it is physically impossible for anything to get lost behind your eye. A thin membrane called ‘conjunctiva’ covers your eye and prevents anything from getting behind it.

  1. Will my lens get permanently stuck to my eye?

It requires some practice to get used to wearing and taking off your lens, but be rest assured it won’t stick to your eye permanently. Even if your eyes get dry, remoistening the lens with a sterile saline solution or the lens solution will get it moving again.

  1. Will the lens pop out of my eyes?

Latest contact lens fit closer to your eyes and wont pop out even during physical activities.

  1. Make up and contact lens – Do I need to give up one for another?

Your make up and lens can have a harmonious long term relationship, if you’re careful with the application of both! It’s a good idea to apply your lens first as you don’t want your cosmetic oils and other particles on your lens.

  1. Will it be difficult to look after my lens?

Trust us, of the 1,440 minutes you have in a day, hardly any of them would be used to wear, take off and store your lens. If you’d prefer an even more hassle free and quick process, you can go for one day contact lens. We recommend the Freshlook ONE-DAY Contact lens collection.

  1. Why should I wear lenses if I have a perfect vision?

Because you can colour your hair, despite a perfect natural hair-colour or apply a new shade to your lips everyday to go with your outfit, despite beautiful natural lips! Contact lens can be a part of your makeover as much as any other cosmetics you apply. It’s as hassle free, safe and glamorous as any other product you use for your face.  Try one of the FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses for a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement to your naturally gorgeous eyes.