Ayurveda: embrace the science, not the fad

Imagine a beauty product that combines the purity of nature, the precision of science and the wisdom of grandmas galore.

An Ayurveda-based product…right? No wonder, you would love to nourish your skin with its goodness. But are all “natural” beauty products Ayurvedic? And which Ayurvedic product will work its magic on you? Let’s distill fact from fallacy, Ayurveda style, so you can get glowing!

First off, you know how grandma took her time to make ubtans or cure pickles? She was teaching you there are no shortcuts to beauty or taste. Ayurveda agrees. Just applying a  saffron ubtan won’t put the glow in your face if your liver is sluggish. So if you want to look pretty, also take care of your health. Remember, Ayurveda is a health science, not a cosmetic fad.

Milk, saffron, diamond dust: Ayurvedic ingredients can be luxurious. Is it then a surprise Ayurveda is chiefly bespoke? The beauty of Ayurveda is it believes every individual is unique. It finely calibrates treatment to the elements of your body. No surprise premium Ayurvedic brands like Forest Essentials have started offering made-to-order beauty treatments. Pro tip: Look for products that suit your body, and not just skin, type.

Ayurveda is potent. A little application of an Ayurvedic product goes a long way. Which means your bottle of kumkumadi tailam is a wonderful, smart investment. Recommended: Test your new ayurvedic product on the inside of your wrist first to figure how much of the magic you need!

When it comes to Ayurveda, don’t dismiss the common wisdom of an Indian kitchen. Turmeric, honey, milk: some ingredients continue to scintillate. An Ayurvedic product can work wonders even when it contains these simplest of components.  And the most important bit. A “handmade” label does not necessarily have an ayurvedic product make. Look for trusted brands and practitioners. And unfurl into a beauty resonant with nature. Precisely, the reason why went an extra mile to curate best of luxury ayurveda products from Spa Ceylon.