Four Fresh Tips for Healthy Feet!

By now, you may have noticed we have a foot fetish. But this one is the best kind to sport, we swear. We believe our hardworking, loadbearing and dust-grazing globetrotters need to be indulged and pampered all the way.

The result of course is radiant looking feet with healthy heels that glide across terrains and never give up on us. So here are four more unexpected tips to perk up the peds.

  • Mint them fresh: Putting mint on the feet is actually an old Indian and Moroccan practice to cool down overheated soles. The menthol in mint soothes and calms irritated heals and tired muscles and increases the blood flow to tissues. We recommend Spa Ceylon’s Green Mint Cooling Foot Relief balm, which combines the invigorating power of peppermint with healing arnica and lime peel to fix stubborn heels and mint feet a new radiance!
  • Socks rock: We know you think Indian summers make your feet too sweaty for socks, but really these feet gloves are also feet saviours! Try to wear socks and closed shoes more often, especially when you are working in an air-conditioned environment. Eliminate odour by wearing cotton socks and shoes made of natural material, such as canvas and pure leather.
  • Nightly care: Use a heavy cream on clean and dry feet every night in order to replenish the water lost during the day and nip cracked heels in the bud.
  • Slow down on carbs and sugar: It’s a little known fact but excessive consumption of sugar is detrimental to nail and hair health. Switch to a more protein-rich diet and see how your toenails regain lost shine and strength.