Hitting the Snooze Button Right: Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Even if science didn’t vociferously back this claim, our experiences with under-eye bags and foggy brains post those nights of poor sleep show us nocturnal rest is indispensable! It is a fact we feel, look and operate much better after a reviving, restful break of 6-8 hours.

Still, sometimes we find ourselves struggling to wind down and grab that precious serene session of shut eye. If you too experience trouble succumbing to the gods of sleep, here are a few tricks to help you snuggle in!

  • Take a bath before bedtime: A leisurely unhurried bath close to bedtime helps your body relax and ready to power down. Use warm water and a softening, quality cleanser. We highly recommend Spa Ceylon’s Sleep Therapy- Body & Pillow Mist. This mild, refreshing gel is created with blended aromatherapy oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli, which are scientifically proven to have a calming effect on the system.
  • Cut caffeine: Try to stop caffeine intake after 5 pm. This will help your body fall into its natural circadian cycle and start winding down towards the evening. If you crave a hot beverage later in the day, try a caffeine-free, refreshing herbal tea, such as jasmine to cleanse the system and promote well-being.
  • Exercise, but not too close to bedtime: This one is simple: the more energy use up physically, the more urgent the need for rest. Adding just 15 minutes more to your exercise time in a day can really help you grab those winks. Just ensure you cool down at least three hours before you go bed, so the body has ample time to descend the endorphin high.
  • Keep your bedroom dark: Opt for heavy, dark-coloured curtains in the bedroom to ensure you don’t wake up too early. Studies show the dark triggers the body’s impulse to rest. Have an east-facing, light-flooded room no drapes can completely blind? Opt for a comfy overnight eye mask.