Innovation to improve every life!

Today we are going through massive environmental changes across the globe threatening the existence of a healthy future generation. Addressing the challenges facing our global community today requires persistence, creativity and a child-like curiosity.We're on it. 90,000 employees at 3M are working relentlessly to solve some of the world's biggest challenges, connected by a single ambition. #ImprovingLives

We are proud to bring you one such innovation that improves your everyday life - access to clean air, at least indoors. Indoor air pollution can be 2-5 times higher than outside and is a spectacularly lethal public-health problem worldwide. Yet it gets fairly little share of attention from all of us, including the environmentalists. But now with 3M™ Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filters, the air you breathe at home can be as clean as it can get.

These filters are designed to compliment the existing filtering screen of your wall mounted air conditioners to enable it to remove PM2.5 and other MicroParticle pollutants from the air inside your home so you can clean your air while you cool it.


  • Removes 83% of PM2.5 and MicroParticle content from indoor air within an hour of application
  • Purifies your air for upto 3 months depending on air quality inside your home

    How to Use? 

    • Open the front cover of your wall mounted AC. Remove and clean the existing filtering screen.
    • Place the 3M filters vertically onto the center of the screens allowing gaps on each side. They cover about 80% surface of the existing filtering screen for optimal air flow.

    The efficiency of 3M™ Air Conditioner Filter approaches that of the top-of-the-line electronic air cleaners and it costs just ₹425. Some tests indicate that in the large particle size range (1.0-10 microns), 3M™ Air Conditioner Filters are more effective. Price is a factor, too. Top electronic units cost ₹10,000 – ₹20,000, require maintenance in terms of filter change and also have a running electricity cost associated with them. 3M™ filters cost a fraction of this price, and generally only need attention every three months.

    So what are you waiting for. Every breath we take is a reason to care about and with this innovative product we assure you that we care enough.