The Healthy Way to Thick Hair

Chances are you have overheard a variant of this line – Girls these days have such thin hair! Whether the speaker is a.) Your annoying neighbour b.) Your critical hairdresser or c.) Your waspish aunt, there is a kernel of truth in the pronouncement. Our manes are on the whole thinner than that of our ancestresses. More and more of us search supermarket aisles for “volumizing” shampoos and change our hair parts around!

Dermatologists say increased hair loss is natural in contemporary times. Our diet is filled with hormone and pesticide-laden foods, the air in our cities --- we are looking at you, Delhi! – is more toxic than ever and as for the weather… well, the world is becoming the kind of hotter, drier place that turns silk to straw.

Looks apocalyptic, doesn’t it? But there is hope yet. Experts say we can have healthy, thriving manes if – and this is a big if – we adjust our diet and hair care to contemporary needs. So hold up your brushes, solemnly cross your hearts and promise you shall:

Eat at least one gooseberry fruit every day: Which is to say, the humble amla. Or any other equally rich source of vitamin C. It is a proven scientific fact Vitamin C deficiency leads to weak, dry hair. Further, the body does not synthesize this vitamin on its own, so you need to supplement naturally.

Balance your hormones: Hormone health is key to maintaining a lush mane. Get tested for imbalances and correct. For instance, cut out “white” foods entirely if you have PCOD and you will see hair health improve in the long run.

Use quality hair oil: That is, actually invest time and energy in caring for your hair. Never yank a comb through wet hair, even if you are rushed, patiently oil it two-three nights a week, treat it to a weekly massage and so on. Remember care today, hair tomorrow!