Transform Blemished Skin into Luminous Beauty

A rich, radiant complexion is the base of true beauty. Yet what should be everyone’s natural birth right sometimes seems an unattainable goal. Don’t blame your poor skin; she is doing her best in a stressful, polluted environment where purity is fast turning into a myth. Instead, help her grow into her innate radiance with these alterations in diet, lifestyle and beauty practices:

  • Eat more proteins and fewer carbs: Here is a diet tip not many beauty articles will tell you about. Eating lean protein foods, such as chicken, egg whites, paneer and kidney beans is good for the skin. Protein is full of amino acids that create collagen in your body, a substance that thickens your skin and leaves it looking clearer. To banish blemishes, increase your protein intake at the cost of minimizing foods with sugars and bad carbs, such as white bread, biscuits and white rice.
  • Practice pranayama: Yoga-based breathing exercises can transform congested, dull-looking skin because they have a dual action. Firstly, breathing exercises boost blood flow to capillaries, thus flushing away toxins from under the skin and helping regulate hormonal imbalance. Secondly, they calm the body’s panic response and alleviate stress, which is one of the leading causes of skin breakouts.
  • Give your skin a drink: People with oily and dull complexions often assume applying a moisturiser causes more blemishes. But the truth is oily skin needs as much hydration as other skin types. Hydrate your skin from within, by consuming not just fluids but also water-rich, cooling foods, such as cucumber, watermelon and gourds. And moisturise it from the outside through quality products that get absorbed easily.
  • Adopt a smart and pure beauty routine: Blemishes can disappear with the right beauty regime, one that is rooted in pure, plant-based ingredients and aims at transforming your skin at the deepest level. To this end, we recommend Aviance’s White Intense Radiance Revive Advanced Serum. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it is created using bio-energised technology and penetrates far into the blemished dermis to heal and repair it into luminous clarity.

Try our tips, and own your new-found Hepburnesque radiance.