A Month of New Launches - #30DaysOfNew

Growing up with Greenday's angsty teen anthem 'Wake me up when September Ends' playing in the background, we never expected to have such a fulfilling (and busy) September! With 30 launches in 30 days this month, the entire team at Smytten is so full of life now that they need absolutely no waking up... At Smytten, we've always tried to push the boundaries of what we can do as an organization, and tried to delight at every given opportunity. September began with the end of the (very enjoyable) Teacher's Day campaign, where consumers got to learn something new with every purchase, from how to make your own Fragrance with a DIY Kit conceptualized in France to Home Pedicure DIY kits and even Golf Lessons. However, September had a lot more in store! We started off by launching Aden & Anais, a luxury babycare brand used by the likes of the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and even <ahem> Queen Beyonce´... The day before the launch, we let people guess which brand we were launching with a fun clue on our social handles, and the responses were, for the lack of a better word, crazy (The good kind, of course)! What followed was an eclectic mix of great brands across segments, from the likes of Harley Davidson to fragrances from Bentley, Ferregamo and Anna Sui. Along with the afore mentioned International brands, we were also delighted to launch great Indian brands like Just Herbs and Tea Trunk. Every brand has its own unique story to tell, complete with quirks, history and even a few idiosyncrasies. We're smytten by these stories, just as we are by their superior offerings. So here they are, the 30 Brands of September, in all their Glory.
  • Sep 1 : Aden & Anais - Baby Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 2 : Bimbo & Mamma - Baby Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 3 : Jungle Magic - Kids Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 4 : Bon Organics Kids - Mom & Baby Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 5 : Classic Chase - Luxury Car Rentals (Shop Online)
  • Sep 6 : Woods & Petals - Natural Beauty & Personal Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 7 : Bentley - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 8 : Salvatore Ferragamo - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 9 : Lalique - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 10 :Kenneth Cole - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 11 : Anna Sui - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 12 : Nautica - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 13 : Paris Hilton - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 14 : Police - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 15 : Jaguar - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 16 : Guess - International Luxury Fragrances (Shop Online)
  • Sep 17 : Harley Davidson - Motorcycles (Available only on App)
  • Sep 18 : Leaf Wearables - Smart Jewellery (Shop Online)
  • Sep 19 : Just Herbs - Organic Personal Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 20 : HolyBelly - Gourmet home cooks & dining (Shop Online)
  • Sep 21  : Garmin - Smart Wearables (Shop Online)
  • Sep 22 : Deazy - Personal Health Consultations (Available on the App)
  • Sep 23 : Stonehead - Bike Rentals across India (Shop Online)
  • Sep 24 : Bioderma - Expert Scientific Skin Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 25 : TeaTrunk - Gourmet Teas (Shop Online)
  • Sep 26 : Margaret Dabbs - International Hand and Foot Care (Shop Online)
  • Sep 27 : Tea Treasure - Herbal Teas (Shop Online)
  • Sep 28 : Kosmida- Italian Dermocosmetics (Shop Online)
  • Sep 29 : Bombay Shaving Company- Shaving solutions (Shop Online)
  • Sep 30 : Aquasail - Sailing in Mumbai (Shop Online)
To summarize, September has been hectic, but absolutely wonderful - 30 Days. 30 Brands. Infinite Love.

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