A Year of all things Awesome!

Last year, on this day, we launched our first version of the Smytten App. A rudimentary version with close to 20 brands, primarily to see how people would react to it. While we did anticipate of the amount of work we needed to do in the next 365 days, we could not imagine how much fun it would turn out to be. We loved sending all our consumers a love letter by post on Valentine's day, their moms a nurturance kit on Mother's Day and their fathers a Dad's-only-newspaper and gourmet tea on Father's day. We also had a crazy run launching 30 brands in 30 days in September, which included the likes of Harley Davidson, luxury fragrances from Paris Hilton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bentley etc and many more. Along the way, we also witnessed people getting smytten and living the Good Life with their morning cup of Earl Grey Tea, their weekend pedicures, indulgent bath and body products, the fragrances that best represented them and so much more. Every time someone got smytten, a little panda smiled somewhere and the world became a happier place! Over the past year, we've released 2 App versions, on Android and iOS- Amour and Blithe. We've also launched a fully functional website that helps you shop for everything you love with ease. But more than anything else, we've received a lot of love from across the country, with consumers writing to us or tagging us on the social handles, with a multitude of reasons why they were smytten. We've also received our share of brickbats, but that has only helped us get better along the way. Like every happy organization, we too look at our (very crazy) team for all the motivation we need, and we've received the same in bucketloads! Late night shifts getting brands live on Smytten, or tending to consumer needs with great interest, it is the team that makes us want to go ahead in this wonderful journey. The journey of finding more of what you love has just begun. So strap on your seatbelts, open your minds and let's get smytten like never before!

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