Finally! A bite of the Apple...

When we'd launched Smytten, many people asked us - "Why not iOS first?!" (Except the Android faithful, who nodded their approval knowingly). Back then, we had the numbers ready about why Android made sense before iOS - The user density, the affinity numbers, the phone sales and what not.

But now, four months into the design and development journey,  we've another reason - Android has always been kind to us. We've found bugs and learnt at a rapid pace, often tweaking the design infinitesimally (A thinner icon, milder shadows, whiter whites... You know the drill!). Android updates have taken us very little time, and reflect almost instantly on the PlayStore.

On the other hand, before we uploaded our first ever build on iOS, the coders said in unison - "Beware! iOS takes over a week to go live". We then googled for more experiences of iOS app developers, and we found many stories that spelt doom and despair. But at Smytten, we've always believed that our users are kindhearted people, and to be fair, most product updates have been based on overwhelming user feedback.

On the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci, the iOS app finally went live! (We know, what a day, right?!) The little iOS design features, like the gravity mimicking swipes and the beautifully rounded default notifications are all there. We got no pushbacks from Apple, which is a great start.

A new journey has just begun, and now, we have two apps to nurture instead of one! We've just had our first bite of the Apple, and we're loving it!

PS : You can download our iOS app here and our Android App here

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