Introducing our all new app version - Smytten Blithe (and

Blithe  (blʌɪð) : happy or carefree

This Valentine's day, when we launched Version Amour, we knew that we were in for a lot of learning. Six months have passed, and we've received our fair share of bouquets and brickbats (Thankfully, a lot more bouquets). Blithe has been a lot of fun to develop, but to be fair, it hasn't been completely carefree. On the contrary, we've tried to be as meticulous as possible in making smytten more intuitive, beautiful and rich in imagery.

So What's New on the App?

Umm.. Pretty much everything. If you are an Old time Smytten user, you can observe that we've said goodbye to the Read section. Instead, you can now Discover amazing content and free trials on the Discover section itself. Here's a list of the other changes we've done
  • We've moved to a more sophisticated offer engine and shopfront to help you easily shop for everything you love.
  • We've added the (much requested) search and filter sections help you navigate through products and services with considerable ease.
  • An upgrade to a more sophisticated serving engine that will show you only relevant things that you'll fall in love with.
  • Offers are also very easy to find, with each store having its very own offer section.
  • COD is now available when you shop on Smytten!
  • Much richer imagery, with stunning photographs of the products and services that you love.
  • Inbuilt Maps to show the exact location of your favourite services.
  • All the brands on Smytten are now available on a simple scroll in the Shop section.
  • Both the iOS and Android versions have been updated simultaneously. (which is a win for all of us here!) just got launched!

In all the hullabaloo of upgrading the app, we also managed to  devote time in making a cool new destination on the Interweb to get smytten at. We've always been facing queries of when we're launching on the web, and we've been dodging the question with an innovative reply each time. Thankfully, we're done ducking that question now! Head over to today and discover the best of brands that you can get smytten by, or gift someone special and earn a few brownie points. Keep the feedback coming on, because we're just starting the journey of getting the world smytten!  

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