Our Design Philosophy

When we sat down to define the actual design language of Smytten, we started with an exercise that most people do but never admit to - scouring the interweb for design inspiration. However, nothing seemed to work in totality, although we were smytten by quite a few features from a multitude of entities.

Long debates ensued on whether we should be an image only platform, or whether we should embrace minimalism in its totality. We also played around going completely material, and that is when it dawned on us, years after the great Steve Jobs said the exact same thing - Design is not just how it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.

We've based our design thinking on the following simple principles. We’ve generously taken lessons from a lot of great design thinkers in the process.

  • Simplicity in Form and Function We believe in stripping things down to their essential to achieve the core purpose until we get the fundamental and simplified version of the app. As Leonardo Da Vinci puts it – Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
  • Pleasure in every Detail Great design is always pleasing. It’s great to look at and fantastic to use. We’ve always taken our pleasure seriously at smytten, and try tweaking our every detail to ensure that smytten pleases everyone who uses it!
  • Deconstructivism This one we owe to the great architect – Frank Gehry, who believed in destroying all traditions and rebuilding things in your own vision.


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