Smytten by the nicest man in the world...

We hear you! Some days are mandatory marketing opportunities that no organization would want to miss, but some days are truly special. Father's Day, which fell on the 19th of June this year, was one such day... A day to get the nicest man in the world smytten.

This Father's Day, we wanted to make dads feel a little pampered, and maybe stir a few wonderful memories in their mind. We'd been truly (and happily) humbled by the wonderful response on Mother's Day, and we're super glad that Fathers's Day was no different..

A few truly special brands jumped on board right away, with a specially curated gift store with a great selection of products and services ranging from a vintage gift set offered by the World's Oldest Barbershop and a collection of Exotic Indian Teas to Haute Parfums conceptualized in France...


While anyone could choose their favourite gift for their dad, we wanted to add a little surprise of our own. All Good Scents, a truly wonderful brand that produces its fragrances in one of the oldest fragrance houses in activity in Grasse, France (founded in 1779 AD) helped us do that with a full size French fragrance inspired by the true spirit of fatherhood.

We also printed our own version of a newspaper - The Daddy Times - and partnered with The Cha House to help recreate the classic cup of tea and Newspaper memory that many of us have about our dads. The Cha House is one of India's leading tea blender of choice for 5 star property and Michelin chefs. You can read a few of the articles here - FDS1

The response has been wonderful so far, with a lot of consumers writing in to us that their dads loved the surprise, and we couldn't be happier. After all, getting so many people smytten is a great day of work for the entire team here. Here are a few messages we got from consumers

Smytten is really a lovely app that actually smittens the receiver :) ...very well coordinated and very professional in handling the order and delivery.

My dad loved it, the way it was presented absolutely made his day and trust me, he is not someone who easily appreciate things. Thank you smytten

Dad was amazed to see the personalized message on the newspaper. He still wonders about it.. ;) B-)

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