Time to get emotional about business gifts?

Emotional connections and corporate gifts: not two terms you’d find nestled in the same thought, but neuroscience shows us exactly why, forget coexisting, the two ought to belong with each other.  

Look back to the last memorable business gift you received and you’ll know what we are talking about. Chances are it’s not the generic gift card or coffee mug you recall, but something that sparked an emotional connect with you. A book perhaps, or a box of chocolate in flavours you love. Not just any other bouquet of flowers, but a bouquet of your favourite flowers. 

Memory science clearly demonstrates people remember objects that elicit specific, strong emotional responses from them. So if you want someone, anyone – your business partners or your employees -- to remember your gifts, you have to make them stand out and create an emotional impact.

Which brings us to the question: How do you ensure your gift makes an emotional impact? A present resonates with someone when you

  • Put thought into your gift. If your gift is well thought out, chances are it will be thought
    well-of. Give a weak, wishy-washy, lets-send-them-a-keychain variant of present, and expect a blank stare in response.
  • Personalise your gift. People love stuff that strikes a chord. So some time spent in customisation will reap very rich rewards. You don’t even have to dig very deep, even something like assembling different goodie baskets for your female and male associates helps. Or swapping generic stationary with luxe self-care products.  

Build your brand

Corporate gifting is a serious, image-enhancing opportunity, which for so many businesses ends up a serious opportunity squandered flippantly. Many brands treat gift-giving as an impersonal, faceless exercise, a sort of check-the-box drill, and well, that’s the image of their brand they send out. Impersonal and forgettable. And that’s one image you never want transmitted over the airwaves. That’s the image you pencil over and hope no one notices!

Creating brand value using corporate gifts becomes easier when you choose gifts that are a source of joy; you choose gifts that stand out; and you choose gifts that say something about your brand. This may sound like a tall ask, especially, when every enterprise, large or small, is rolling out gifts on an endless conveyor belt, but choosing the right corporate gift is simple, if you stick with the three classic rules of gift-giving:

  • Everyone, no exception, likes getting a gift
  • People like and remember unique, personalised presents, and 
  • Gift as if you were treating yourself

Our (Smytten’s) corporate gift brochure has been created along these “golden” rules. We have more than 90 gift ideas for you to choose from to keep it unique and personalised; we host only the most premier-quality, luxe brands we’d gladly gift ourselves, and we spend time curating interesting, pop-up gifts. It’s a great place to give your corporate marketing strategy a makeover. And though the year’s second half has rolled in and the gift season soon to commence, we always encourage businesses to send gifts all year long, especially when they are least expected. 

Because what creates a greater emotional impact than an unexpected gift? 

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