Truly great stories!

I didn't want to write this on Women's Day as it would have looked like a part of a campaign, and I'm not entirely sure if you have read the stories of some truly inspiring women we put up on Smytten Reads. Without a doubt, we feel privileged to have a chance to work with these inspiring women entrepreneurs and when we say we are #SmyttenByHer, we truly mean it. Being an entrepreneur is tough. I am sure you have read a lot of hardship stories of many successful entrepreneurs and their resilience. Sitting on a cushy high paying corporate job, I always used to think what could it be that kept these people so motivated and determined in such tough times. Admittedly, it must have been different for every individual - but for me, one of the biggest motivating factors has been the privilege to meet these amazing people pursuing their dreams and building products & brands from ground zero. Every time I have a coffee cup conversation with them or a phone call discussing some interesting ideas around our partnerships, I feel refreshed and re-energized. The passion they bring to business, the clarity they have and the finesse with which they deal with the problems is really admirable.

Shabia (Tattva), Gitanjali (Ma Earth Botanicals), Pragati (BioBloom), Ruchi (In The Know), Rupal (Wikka) Radhika, Jagriti & Deepika (SkinYoga), Sandhya (Natural Bath & Body), Payal ( Indie Eco Candles) and Priya(Propaganda India). Thank you for knowingly (and unknowingly) inspiring me always.

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