There is no one quite like you.

Which is the way nature intended it. Think of it: no two magnificent zebras have the same set of stripes. No two tigresses mirror the patterns on their skins. Even identical twins don’t have the same hide.

Your skin is your signature. And like all signatures, it is exclusive.

No wonder it deserves more nuanced care than generic gold, pearl and diamond facials. Or to be slathered with a “bridal” package when your wedding day approaches.

What it demands is a bespoke beauty treatment. A care-routine customised to your skin. Precise – like your fingerprints.

Intelligent Luxury

Bespoke treatments are the level theta of beauty care. From big brands like Lakme to boutique offerings such as Italian-inspired Vagheggi, everyone is now offering an individuated approach. After all, today’s powerful, discerning woman demands intelligent luxury.

A bespoke treatment begins with a trained therapist analysing your skin. No boxes of oily, combination and dry to tick here – the emphasis is on understanding your skin’s special needs. A bespoke treatment presumes even your flaws are signature.

The treatment is then custom-made for you, using latest products and technologies. Approaches range from phytochemicals to hydrotherapy to alternative therapies. Some treatments involve a deep-tissue face massage. Some involve enzyme peels. Some use rare, trace elements like Molybdenum and Chromium.

Individual as they may be, there is generally one similarity between bespoke facials. They leave you feeling beautiful.

So go ahead, order a bespoke beauty treatment. It is exclusive, luxuriant and nothing short of what you deserve.

Because Unique begins with a You.