Assorted Flavours Green Tea - Lime, Lemongrass, Orange, Mint, Ginger, Plain - 20 Silken Pyramid Tea Bags

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About the Product:
This Beautiful box of Cambridge Tea Party has 20 pyramid tea bags (dipping bags - 2gm each) of whole leaf Green Tea in 5 assorted flavour - plain, mint, orange, ginger, lime & lemongrass. The tea is natural nitrogen flushed for 100% freshness. Cambridge Tea Party is one of the premier tea brands in the world.

How to Make:
Boil 125ml water - turn off gas - pour water in a cup - add 1 pyramid tea bag - wait for 2 mins - remove tea bag and drink! Let it cool down and add ice for iced tea.

Silken Pyramid Tea Bags with Whole leaf green tea. Vegan. (No sugar, No Preservatives).

Nutrition Facts: 
Based on 2000 calorie diet. Size 1 cup - 2g tea in water. Amount per 100 gm Tea. Calories 355 from fat 0g, total fat 0gm, Sodium 0gm) Carbohydrate 63g, Sugar 0g, Protein 24g.

About the Brand: 
The Cambridge Tea Party is a great British tradition that’s laced with rules. A few know their tea etiquette - typically an elite social affair intended for the royals and wealthy to discuss matters of state and family during the day. The teas, usually whole leaf of the finest quality were served fresh from select tea gardens. Experience Cambridge Tea Party with our fresh, whole leaf & beautiful teas.

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