Toasted Millet Muesli - Cranberry & Almond

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The original, Cranberry and Almond was our first creation and is Mr. Popular in the Monsoon Harvest family. Gently toasted Ragi, Bajra and Oats with flavour tones of locally sourced Vanilla pods and Cinnamon make this crunchy muesli a bestseller. It's packed with nutrients and is perfect as an ‘on the go’ snack or a nourishing breakfast. Features: - Packed with heart-healthy whole grains like oats, ragi and bajra and flax seed which provide your daily dose of fiber - Loaded with crunchy almonds, delicious cranberries and tossed in honey and palm jaggery - A hint of all natural vanilla and cinnamon adds aroma to this delicious cereal - Add to a bowl and mix with either cold or warm milk to enjoy - This muesli is also great as a mid-day snack or a topping for a dessert such as ice cream Nutrition Facts- Per 100g (Approximate value): Energy (KCal): 458.80 Carbohydrate (g): 56.69 Sugars (g): 16.15 Total Fat (g): 20.79 Protein (g): 11.24 Dietary Fiber (g): 7.49 Sodium (mg): 62.52 Returns would ONLY be accepted in case of a Defect or Damage. For more, please visit the Returns & Cancellation Policy section in the Menu.