Beard Softener Cream

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A blend of 100% natural butter and oil, beard cream is rich and nourishing, giving your beard instant shine and softness. It moisturizes your hair and skin, giving your mane a neat, well-groomed look.

Ingredients: The moisturizing goodness of mango and shea butter, along with castor, sunflower and olive oils that are like nectar for the skin. Vitamin E provides much-needed hydration.

How to Apply: Squeeze out a coin-sized amount and rub it between your palms just like any moisturizer. Apply it evenly through your beard and the skin underneath, getting to all the spots for complete nourishment. You can use any excess on your hands and arms; it’ll just hydrate you and won’t leave a trace. CAUTION: STORE BELOW 30 DEGREE CELSIUS.

About the Brand

At Beardhood, we help men realize their full potential. We bring to the world a selection of luxury hair and skin care products to satisfy the desires and needs of men all over the world.

We believe in being a responsible global citizen and only focus on offering superior products and being the best in consumer value and customer service. 100% Natural. Vegan-friendly. Tested on us. Beardhood is much more than luxury; Beardhood is a movement. There is a refined gentleman in all of us.

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