The relevance of digital sampling has not only increased drastically but is also emerging to be one of the most efficient ways for brands to directly reach out to their most relevant consumers leveraging the digital data and insights.

Data-driven sampling is quick, safe and effective.


By taking a direct-to-home approach, brands are reducing their sampling pilferage and operational challenges to a great extent. Data-driven sampling focuses on delivering lower volumes of more engaging, higher quality experiences – in the comfort and safety of home.

The cost per sample is typically higher than the more traditional methods but each sample is hyper-targeted – producing low/no waste, full accountability and a stream of high value, measurable returns. All data-driven sampling activities come with full campaign and product performance reporting – built in, as standard.

How It Works

Target Your Highest-Value Consumers

Leverage our advanced audience targeting to reach your ideal consumer and drive brand awareness.

With a potential reach of 10M and over multiple segments to choose from, you can target and reach consumers by region, demographics, lifestyle, personal interests, dietary preferences and much more.

Deliver Samples To Consumers’ Doorsteps

After creating a Smytten account, consumers answer a set of profile questions so we can match them with samples that best fit their lifestyle and interests. Once a consumer selects your sample, we process, package and deliver it directly to their doorstep in a safe and contactless way. They’ll get a chance to experience Smytten trial products they love, including yours, right in the comfort of their own home.

Have a product that’s trickier to ship? You can still launch powerful programs by opting for a high value digital offer like a discount coupon instead.

Reach Over 8 Million Users

Use hyper targeting on the basis of social profiles, sampling behaviour, purchase pattern and other deep profiling options.

Categories You Can Sample On Smytten

Health & Wellness
Food & Beverages
Mom & Baby
Home Essentials

Smytten aims to build relationships between brands and customers via data-driven sampling and curating new trial products and experiences. Over 600 brands have been able to target the right set of users for sampling, assess product feedback and also execute innovative campaigns for re-engagement post-trial.

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