Layered, haute-couture and mysterious – GRAY is the colour of complexity.
Floor everyone through your sensual mystique with
FreshLook Gray and Sterling Gray contact lenses
It is fifty shades of grey, not fifty shades of black or
white for a good reason. Gray is that most subtle and mysterious shade, which
liberates style from monochrome. It’s the colour that dominates catwalks around
the world – but there’s another reason to wear gray. Gray is associated with
calm and intelligence, and when you wear FreshLook Gray lenses, your demeanour
immediately becomes wiser, more sophisticated. Colour psychology shows gray is
the colour most associated with emotional balance; exposure to gray can help
you reduce anger, stress or any of the “red” or “yellow” emotions!

That’s why Gray is a great colour to wear when navigating
complex office and social situations; it makes you look balanced and wise
without revealing too much about you. If you’re someone who feels they are too
much of an open book, you can have great fun playing the mystique card for a
change and Gray helps you do just that. Afraid to try out Gray because you
think it might look too stark? FreshLook addresses this with their unique
3-in-1 colorblend technology so that the colour of the lens looks natural and
harmonises effortlessly with your own eye colour.
And did we mention sophisticated FreshLook Gray is a great colour for date night too? It can keep your date on their toes trying to impress cool, mysterious you. The best bit is FreshLook lenses are absolutely safe to wear, thin and breathable.