Green eyes make a statement, but wearing green coloured contact can help you feel more peaceful and less stressed too.
Don’t take our word for it, experience the change with
FreshLook Green
Have you always secretly wished you had green eyes like Charlize
Theron or Harry Potter? FreshLook Green lenses are your genie, with an added
surprise twist. Green eyes make you look like the epitome of cool, but they’ll
also help you banish the stress and think clearly. So if you’re feeling
overwhelmed and fogged over, wearing the most healing, refreshing colour is
bound to help!

We aren’t making this up, its legit therapy. Green is now
recognised as the most stress-busting colour, and is associated with healing
and mental balance. Are you the sort of person who desperately needs to chill
out? Or someone whose thoughts race so hard they begin to overwhelm you? A
“green” perspective should become your go-to sanctuary. Look at trees, go for a
walk and yes, try wearing FreshLook Green lenses. The harmonised, blended
unique 3-in-1 colour of the lenses will help you feel more balanced and
focussed. To the outside world, it conveys a sense of peace and well-being,
making you look like someone who is so calm they may be Zen!

And did we talk about where green eyes stand on
the scale of attractiveness? All we can say is that this unusual, rare colour
is pretty high on that graph. FreshLook Green lenses will seamlessly blend with
your own eye colour, looking completely natural. They also suit all Indian skin
tones, so don’t shy away from going green. Let go of the stress with a fresh