Well accessorised is half the style battle won, but why limit your accessories to just jewellery, totes and hats? There’s a new accessory in town, and it can transform your look in fun, exciting ways you’d have never imagined.

Open your eyes to the possibilities uncovered by coloured contact lenses. Contrary to what many people think, coloured contact lenses are not just a medical tool. They are also a trendy fashion statement which you can use to express yourself unapologetically. And with the right brand like FreshLook, they are safe, very convenient to use and breathable!

Available in six versatile colours of Sapphire, Pure Hazel, Turquoise, Grey, Brilliant Blue and Green, FreshLook lenses can transform not just your eye colour but your entire look. Imagine accessorising your favourite little black dress with Grey coloured contacts, or enhancing your work wear with subtle Pure Hazel eyes. You can even achieve different effects with the same outfit when you wear different coloured contacts. Morph your casual blue jeans and white shirt into party wear with just one change: put in Sapphire or Green lenses.

Still holding back because you think coloured contact lenses are too “artificial” looking? Put all doubts to rest! FreshLook’s unique 3-in-1 colour technology blends with your own eye colour for an incredibly natural effect. Even dramatic colours like Brilliant Blue will flow seamlessly with the natural shade of your irises and complement your skin tone perfectly.
So are you ready to view the world with fresh eyes?