is an unusual eye colour to try, but there are many good reasons to accessorise with this shade of purple.
Looking uber stylish is just one, read on to find three more reasons why.
  • Juice up on energy. It’s more than a fashion accessory, FreshLook Amethyst lenses can affect your psychology positively. And that’s because amethyst – which is a lovely shade of light purple – is one of the most upbeat colours out there.
    Studies after studies show purple is most associated with strongly dynamic and positive elements like courage, strength and royalty. Wear FreshLook Amethyst especially if you are feeling lethargic and low-energy and don’t be surprised if you find yourself turn into a sort of human dynamo! Ok, we exaggerate, but wearing FreshLook Amethyst will certainly help you feel like doing more than shuffling between the coffee machine and your desk!

  • Create a whole, bold new look. Tired of playing it safe? Want to mix things up but without going over the top? The eye color reminiscent of the gorgeous peepers of Hollywood great Elizabeth Taylor comes to your rescue.
    Amethyst is unusual and dramatic, but a very natural-looking shade at the same time and the perfect balance between bold and subtle. Wear it to draw some attention to yourself, show off your style chops and create some much needed buzz.
    FreshLook’s unique 3-in-1 colorblend technology ensures the colour harmonises seamlessly with your natural eye colour. And of course, FreshLook lenses are 200 percent hygienic, breathable and safe to wear.

  • Have crazy fun accessorising. Match your eyeliner with FreshLook Amethyst. Carry a purple handbag to bring out the colour of your eyes. Wear a contrasting yellow outfit to really make your
    gem-bright amethyst eyes pop.
    These are just a few examples of how you can have a party accessorising with FreshLook Amethyst. Let loose, let your creativity flow and just have fun. That’s the best part about getting a fresh look.