The colour in which we see the sky and sea at their happiest can’t possibly be about cliché “blues.” Wear FreshLook Blue coloured lenses for a dramatic improvement in confidence and mood.
Unhappy that the raise of your dreams hasn’t quite come
through? Or that the number of your followers on Instagram has been static the
last three months? Whatever be the reason for your shaken-up confidence,
wearing a peppy eye colour is a sure antidote to overcoming those
I-am-not-good-enough crying jags. And the colour we recommend here? Blue.
Put in Blue Freshlook coloured contacts and apart from the
fact that they look, well, great, you’ll also be surprised at the rise in your
confidence levels. No serendipitous accident there, it is solid colour science!
Blue is associated with a confident calm, channelling the vastness of the ocean
and the sky. Unlike some usual associations with blue as a low-energy colour,
blue in fact raises your sense of well-being.

Putting in Blue FreshLook contact lenses will convey a
renewed sense of confidence with every blink. Even if your confidence is
feeling wobbly as jelly on the inside, to the outside world your blue look will
make you seem completely in control. And also, someone who has the poise to
make cutting-edge fashion choices. The unique 3-in-1 colour blend technology of
FreshLook coloured contact lenses ensures the Blue will be very natural-looking
and will seamlessly harmonise with your own eye and skin colour. FreshLook
lenses are also 100 per cent hygienic, breathable and thin, and your eyes are
completely safe with FreshLook.
So go on, time to get a new blow-their-minds look and a
renewed sense of confidence. Plus, post a picture of you in FreshLook Blue and
those Instagram followers are destined to rack up!