Congratulation on getting yourself a Valentine’s date! Regardless of how it was set up, you need to have a game plan in mind, to make sure you increase your chances of scoring a second date. While you don’t have a reputation of spending hours in front of the mirror, let’s try to get your look for the date night sorted with some easy grooming tips.
Don't forget to shave
Assuming you will not miss out on your shower this morning, we’d like to remind you that unkempt facial hair would only give you a homeless look. So make sure you shave, keep that beard if you may, but don’t forget to trim it and not give an untidy appearance.

Follow up with an after shave to soothe your skin and reduce the risk of ingrown hair. With great beard comes great responsibility, try out the Mancave Shave Gel.
Don't overdo the cologne
Cologne is a smart way to smell good for your date, but more than 2-3 sprays can overwhelm the room with your masculine charm and make your date head for the hills. Just a few sprays, will get you through the evening smoothly. We recommend the Clubman Cologne by Truefitt & Hill .
Exfoliate few days before the big day
Exfoliation helps your skin get rid of the dead cells, thus reveal your youthful complexion. Using a men’s scrub twice or thrice a week can help you put your best face forward for the date. We recommend the ManCave Facescrub.
Be punctual for a day
Arriving late at her house or at the restaurant is bad start. Leave a little earlier than you normally would and be sure to check local traffic reports to avoid any surprises on the road.

We recommend a Hunk Grooming Kit for Men by The Man Company ,So gentlemen, let’s preen up!
Excess hair gel is a no no!
You don’t want a crunchy or greasy look on your hair for the night. Practice styling few days in advance to get achieve the perfect look with maximum hold.
Watch the nails
You might be hardly paying attention to your nails, but be sure your date will. Keep them clean, trimmed and clipped. Yes, the toe nails too.

Take care of your teeth
For today, brush your teeth twice- assuming you will once in the morning, make sure you do it again right before the date. Use mouthwash to battle bad breadth. Consider whitening strips to fight the yellowish tinge of your teeth, and always keep breath mints handy.