Acacia Honey

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Acacia honey is the most loved honey throughout the globe and often touted as king of honey. It is produced from the viscous nectar of acacia flower. It has mild taste compared to other forest honey and goes best with yogurt and toast. Lune de Meil Acacia honey is pleasant in taste with a subtle flowery flavor.
It also crystallizes slowly, compared to other wild honey, hence, can be preserved for a longer time. Acacia honey also has exceptional healing properties. It has sweet hints with no aftertaste. In spite being sweet, it has it has low sucrose content, hence is beneficial for overall health.

Health Benefits of Lune de Meil Acacia honey:
- Can be consumed by diabetic patients and people of diet because of low sucrose content.
- Doesn’t interfere much with blood sugar levels.
- Increases appetite.
- Reloads lost energy.
- Boost energy especially for runners and athletic performances.
- Good preventive for bronchial problems.
- Regulates secretion of stomach acid.

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