Anti Ageing Facial Combo

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Do you look older than your age? Unhappy with the wrinkles and age lines that have started appearing on your face?

Vedaearth helps reduce wrinkles and lines, getting back your youthful looks. A unique formulation of natural ingredients that includes Neroli, Ashwagandha and Vetiver to help restore your skin to a much younger you. Along with a Facial Pack that packs the potent powers of Manjistha and Ashwagandha, the facial oil helps to restore your skin to a much younger you.

Bring back that newly-wed bride to coyly look back at you from the mirror. Naturally. Totally Free from Paraben, Artificial Fragrance, Petroleum Byproducts/Mineral Oils

This combo includes:-

  1. Ashwaghandha Anti Ageing Facial Face Pack 100gm
  2. Ashwaghandha Anti Ageing Facial Oil 25 ml