Aqua Milk Skin Revitalizing Oil Trio Body Butter 100 gm

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About the Product

Organic oils of coconut, olive, and almond blend with hydrolysed milk proteins to make this silky body butter the perfect salve for dry, flaky skin. Its unique aqua milk formulation hydrates your skin and protects it from environmental damage, while the warm and subtle coconut base provides protective skin coating and prevents pigmentation. Almond and olive oils provide intensive hydration that keeps skin soft and smooth.

How to Use 
After showering, pat your body dry, leaving a little moisture. Scoop out the required amount of body butter with your fingers, and apply all over. Pay extra attention to dry areas like elbows, knees and feet. You can also apply a second layer of body butter on these areas for better results. During dry winters apply a layer of body butter and cover up with cotton socks or gloves just before bedtime.