Buttermilk & Millet Crackers Assortment

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Buttermilk & Millet Crackers Assortment includes:

1. Buttermilk & Millet Crackers - Cracked Black Pepper (2X100 g): Hand pounded black pepper is blended with buttermilk and then slowly added to a mixture of millet flour and almond meal which is then kneaded and hand rolled into our delectable Buttermilk and Millet Crackers with Cracked Black Pepper.

2. Buttermilk & Millet Crackers - Caramelised Onion (2X100 g): Oven roasted to a perfect crisp, Monsoon Harvest’s Buttermilk & Millet Crackers with Caramelised Onion are a delicious accompaniment to artisan cheeses, delicious dips or simply eaten by itself.

3. Buttermilk & Millet Crackers - Roasted Garlic (2X100 g): Monsoon Harvest’s Buttermilk and Millet Crackers with roasted garlic is made with a delicious blend of hand-churned buttermilk, almond flour, nutty millets and oven-roasted garlic.

4. Buttermilk & Millet Crackers - Fennel (2X100 g): Kodo, Barnyard, Finger, Small, & Proso millets are stone ground and hand blended with almond flour, fresh buttermilk, and fresh fennel to make a crunchy cracker. Perfect accompaniment to a glass of cold white wine or after work pick me up.