Ceramic Shaving Soap Mug,Bowl & Cup (with Handle for Excellent Lather) - Black

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About the Product:
Classic Shaving Mug with straightforward design that helps create the perfect lather every time you shave.

- The bowl is wide enough to create a large amount of foamy lather.
- The convenient & designer handle allows you to conveniently hold & create lather at any angle with its light weight of just 305 gms.
- The thick ceramic walls retain temperature longer. Feel the warm lather caress your face & provide a sublime shave.
- Use it to make lather with a dollop of shaving cream or simply place a shaving soap at the bottom and lather away.

How to Use:
Use the mug to create consistent & thick lather with an almond (or two) size shaving cream or simply put a shaving soap puck in the mug and enjoy unparalleled lather

Storage Condition: Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf life: 24 months

About the brand:
To bring back the traditionally accepted shaving methods in today’s times and make changes in the quick lifestyles which Pink Woolf have resorted to, mostly due to lack of options and guidance.

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