Earth Shine Gift Combo Travel Pack for Kids

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This Earth Shine Combo Includes:

1. Kids Shampoo & Conditioner - Earth Shine
Grime-free, healthy hair is a task too mighty for even super-mom to do. Well, no more. We’ve formulated a gentle, nourishing, toxin-free shampoo-cum-conditioner that protects & soothes your kids’ delicate hair. It efficiently cleanses all the dirt your little one accumulated at school, play and all their other curious haunts, while ensuring just the right amount is pumped from the intuitively-designed nozzle.

How to use:
Take a small amount and massage into wet hair. Rinse well.

2 Face & Body Wash for Kids - Earth Shine
As every mom has learnt the hard way, bath-time is a true labour of love. A routine of scrubs and polishes that leaves you wondering, how much body wash is too much for a kid? Rest easy. Our moisture-rich face & body wash hits that perfect balance between gentle and cleansing while protecting their long-term health. With a pump mechanism that dispenses just the right amount, it grinds away dirt and excess oil without drying their sensitive skin.

How to use:
Squeeze a little gel on a loofah or your fingertips. Apply to the body and face. Rinse off with water.

3. Moisturiser and Sunscreen Lotion for Kids - Earth Shine
The sun is shining and the moisture-loss and harmful UV rays it brings are not so sweet. But lathering the sensitive skin of kids with chemically-laden sunscreens harm them more than the harshest rays. We’ve found a solution to both problems. Our gentle, nourishing and natural SPF 15 body lotion is packed with nature’s best sun-combatants. It locks the moisture in and troublesome rays out.

How to use:
Squeeze a pea sized amount of the Moisturiser onto your fingertips and gently massage to face and neck until fully absorbed.

About the Brand:
Cocomo from House of Nature is home to a happy range of cleansers and lotions, hand-crafted for children aged 4 and up. Created by a circle of moms and an expert cosmetologist, our natural products are formulated using only the highest quality ingredients. They are a safe haven of goodness enriched with nature’s best. Every nourishing drop is an adventure of colour, fragrance and fun.

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