Lemon Honey Cinnamon Shot combo

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This combo contains pack of 2 Lemon Honey Cinnamon Shots:
Lemon Honey Cinnamon Shots (6 x 40 ml): Lemon-honey is a popular traditional remedy for weight loss. The pectin present in lemons helps you feel full for longer and keep cravings at bay. Cinnamon, on the other hand, improves digestion and helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates. Cinnamon is also known to increase bone strength and prevent osteoporotic bone loss.


- Helps in maintaining weight and cholesterol level

- Treats acne, pimples and other skin woes

- Prevents hair problems like hair fall, greying hair, etc.

- Helps to improve immunity

Key Ingredients: Amla Juice, Ginger Juice, Honey

How to Use:

- Ready to drink. No mixing required. Shake well and Gulp!
- 1 shot every morning (preferably before breakfast). 
- Consume regularly for minimum 2 weeks. 

About the Brand:
Kiva started with a simple question - when Ayurveda is so good for us, why aren’t more of us making it a part of our daily lives? They searched for the answer in research, reading and surveys and realized something simple: Ayurveda works. Kiva decided to do something about it. Thus were born kiva's daily shots of good health. A little more research and many months of hard work later, kiva now also have kiva's fusion jaggery candies. Ayurveda that is non-boring. Tasty. Attractive. And powerfully healthy.

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