Lakmé Lip Love Strawberry

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About the Product:
Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care is a range of dual core lip balms, the first of its kind in India as it has 2 layers: inner creamy balm and outer colored balm! That’s what gives the Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care a little tint with lots of lip care. You can keep your lips moisturized and protected with a combination of a nourishing core along with a hint of tint and SPF 15.

- Its cream balm keeps lips moisturized for 14 long hours while you get out and face your day.
- Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care is your daily essential which is easy to carry while on the go
- Moisturises your lips and keep them protected as it has a hint of tint and SPF 15.

How to apply: Roll up the lip balm and glide it from one corner of your lips to the other. Re-apply the shade of your choice in case you desire more moisturization has deeper color.

About Lakme:
Lakmé is one of India’s leading color cosmetic brands offering a wide range of high-end, world-class color cosmetics and skincare products. Lakmé has a vast product range specially crafted by experts for the Indian skin. The brand has also been redefining fashion in India for over 15 years with Lakmé Fashion Week, India’s premier fashion event.

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