Moisturiser (Body Lotion) and Suncreen Lotion for Kids (SPF 15) - Moon Sparkle

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About the product:
The sun is shining and the moisture-loss and harmful UV rays it brings are not so sweet. But lathering the sensitive skin of kids with chemically-laden sunscreens harm them more than the harshest rays. We’ve found a solution to both problems. Our gentle, nourishing and natural SPF 15 body lotion is packed with nature’s best sun-combatants. It locks the moisture in and troublesome rays out.

- This gentle & nourishing lotion is perfect for your child’s sensitive skin as it helps soothe, moisturize and support the skin's natural moisture balance.
- It contains Shea Butter & Kokkum which provides gentle sun protection (SPF 15) along with glowing skin.
- It contains Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Calendula & Aloe vera which soften and soothe the skin.
- It contains Passion Fruit Oil which is high on Vitamin C and has antioxidant properties.
- Dermatologically certified and Paraben free. Does not contain any harsh chemicals, toxins or synthetic fragrances.

How to use:
Squeeze a pea sized amount of the Moisturiser onto your fingertips and gently massage to face and neck until fully absorbed.

About the Brand:
Cocomo from House of Nature is home to a happy range of cleansers and lotions, hand-crafted for children aged 4 and up. Created by a circle of moms and an expert cosmetologist, our natural products are formulated using only the highest quality ingredients. They are a safe haven of goodness enriched with nature’s best. Every nourishing drop is an adventure of colour, fragrance and fun.

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