Orange Clove Green Tea

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Handpicked by tea pluckers at certified organic tea estates facing the majestic peaks of the Himalayan mountains, this exotic Darjeeling first flush green tea is the perfect way to kick start a healthy lifestyle and is popularly considered as the elixir of life which promotes health, longevity and wellness. This orange clove green tea is an enticing green tea with the sweet, exotic taste of oranges and strong notes of cloves. It is a rich source of vitamin B1 or thiamine which is a water soluble vitamin which enables the body to use its carbohydrate intake for energy use. It further enhances blood circulation & strengthens immune system. FEATURES: - Lowers Cholesterol - Source of Vitamin C - Regulates blood pressure - Controls bad breath & halitosis - Improves Digestion HOW TO BREW: In a cup, add 3-4 pearls of green tea and add water at 80° C. To avoid overcooking the tea, let it sit for two minutes and cherish the energizing tea blend.