Peanut Butter Chocolate

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About the product:
Chocolate is blended with our Smooth Peanut Butter Which Results in a tasty Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread. It is not only tasty but also healthy compare to only Chocolate Spreads. It tastes great with Waffles, Pancakes, Sandwiches, and Smoothies.

- Researchers have proved that it lowers your risk of heart diseases as its loaded with MUFA’s.
- The healthy fats have a positive effect on blood sugars also.
- Good with fibers and therefore has better satiety.
- Source Of Protein
- Rich in Nutrients Hence Boost Energy
- No Cholesterol

Shelf life: 18 Months

How to use:
This butter is equally healthy and tasty so go ahead and use it on your bread, bake some wonderful biscuits, and add it to your smoothies and many more.

About the brand:
Alpino believes that the food choices you make today take control of your future health, and a sound mind lives only in a sound body. With this thought, Alpino worked towards a vision to improve India’s nutrition by giving people something pure, with no added sugar or empty calories. They entered the health food business when the market was booming with Peanut Butter brands, but “Pure Peanut Butter” was a niche which was yet to be discovered.

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