Soap Trio

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Handmade soaps crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Soap Trio includes: - Green Apple & Cinnamon Hand made Soap (50g): A combination of Green Apple and Cinnamon which are the epitome of freshness and rejuvenation, detoxifies the skin, at the same time removes the bacterias. Making it perfect for a refreshening bath. - Blueberry Hand made Soap (50g): Blueberry being a perfect rejuvenating ingredient acts as a shield to pollution and free radicals while enriching the skin with Vitamin C which helps in the production of Collagen, making it soft and supple. - Lavender and Basil Hand Made Soap (50g): A great combination of Lavender and Basil. Lavender is known for it’s distressing properties and beautiful fragrance whereas Basil has the anti-bacterial properties which makes the blend a perfect go to product for fighting that stressful day.