Spearmint Herbal Infusion Tea

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About the product:
Invigorate yourself at any time of day with a cup of this tea, without worrying about the caffeine keeping you up. Containing 0mg of caffeine, give yourself a boost and become refreshed with this cup of spearmint tea. The fresh, minty taste of spearmint is perfect for refreshing your senses and balancing your body. This fresh tasting spearmint tea is milder and sweeter in flavour and the minty taste is a great palate cleanser. Spearmint tea boosts immunity, helps regulates hormones in a woman’s body and is antioxidant-rich. The minty taste of the tea is great for nausea and helps settle the stomach. It is fantastic for weight loss and helps by making you feel full faster.

- Spearmint tea boosts immunity, helps regulates hormones in a woman’s body
- This tea is antioxidant rich
- Helps in weight loss 
- No flavours added.

How to use:
Boil water. Keep off the flame and add the tea leaves. For 200ml of hot water, add 2.5g of tea leaves. As for all black teas, FOP too requires a longer steep time. Steep for about 5 minutes for a strong and robust flavour profile.

Shelf Life: 18 months

About the brand
A team of tea connoisseurs, tasters, who have taken it upon themselves to introduce healthy teas into daily routines for a tea enthusiast, who like to experiment with taste. Although they cater to the age-old concept of ‘chai’ yet they are a young brand created to revolutionize the way chai has been perceived, supplied and savoured in the Indian market so far. Tea Treasure is being associated with good times, relaxing, and overall well-being because these are the base attributes of our products and we bring these to our consumers by virtue of supplying high-quality Tea.

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