Streak6 Imperial Shaving Kit

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This kit contains:

1. Streak6 Shaving Razor

2. Streak6 Cartridges (Pack of 4):

Streak6 Shaving Razor with a pack of 4 German made cartridges with Diamond-Coated blades for the closest, smoothest and most burn free shave

3. Lemon & Ginger Herbal Shave Gel (50g):

Lemon & Ginger Shave Gel is a specially formulated Herbal Shave Gel designed to deliver the safest and smoothest shaving experience. Made with herbal extracts and enriched with Vitamin-E, this shave gel helps the razor easily glide over the skin and prevents razor burn.

4. Herbal Post Shave Balm (50g):

Aloe Vera Post Shave Balm is a specially formulated Herbal Aftershave that designed to help reduce irritation and prevent razor burns after your shave. The balm contains no alcohol, paraben or sulphates and it helps to soothe and moisturize the skin to provide immediate relief after a shave. It is made with herbal extracts and enriched with Vitamin-E to give you the most refreshing post-shave experience. 

5. Wooden Shaving Brush:

Genuine wood shaving brush with the softest bristles to ensure the smoothest shaving experience.

6. Cedarwood & Mandarin Pre Shave Oil (50ml):

A Pre Shave Oil is often an overlooked but essential part of every shave. The Natural Essential Oils prepare the skin for a smooth shave by softening the hairs and creating a layer on the skin to help the razor smoothly glide over the skin. It helps the razor cut through the hairs without causing any razor burns.

7. Waxed Canvas Travel Kit

Spacious and Splash Resistant waxed canvas travel kit with an elegant design to make sure you travel in style.

8. Face Towel

Shelf Life: 24 months

About the Brand:

Spruce Shave Club was started with the goal of helping men across the country reinvent the way in which they groom themselves. They combine the technology of the west with the ancient knowledge of herbs & plants of the east to create a unique, authentic & natural grooming experience like never before. The brand dedicated to creating a more honest, premium & natural grooming experiences for men across the country. All products are created with the finest ingredients & enriched with pure essential oils & natural extracts to provide a more natural, honest & authentic experience.

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