The Mighty Happiness Box

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About the Product:

- Gift your Loved ones a selection of condiments that are 100% natural.
- It comes with 9*45g jars which contains:

Orange marmalade(45g): Brighten up your breakfast with this chunky marmalade, bursting with citrus peel and just the right amount of bitterness. Use as a marinade, as a glaze on cakes, to add sweetness to your salad dressing or simply on toast.

Raspberry Strawberry(45g): Luscious raspberries and juicy strawberries blend together to make this delightful preserve that's a hit with everyone. Perfect for a delicious breakfast, and also for your desserts.

Honey Mustard(45g): With it’s perfect balance of sweet and spicy, this mustard is best enjoyed when it’s paired with cheeses and meats, or a crusty bread. Add it to your marinades and dressings to give them a yummy twist, and even spice up your stir fry with it.

Tomate Cranberry Relish (45g): Plump red tomatoes go into making this spicy-tangy sauce that’s perfect with everything. It makes for a smashing accompaniment with your favorite fried foods, and pairs beautifully with hard cheeses.

Fig Almond Conserve(45g): A Full Bodied Preserve with the Crunch of Figs and Almonds, and a Hint of Cinnamon, Perfect for baking and for Breakfast, Try with Some Cheese on a Cracker and You're Sure to Find Bliss in Every Bite.

Vanilla Honey(45g): Pure organic honey sourced from farms in North India is infused with the finest vanilla from Kerala to create this delicately flavoured honey that’s perfect for teas, desserts, plain yogurt, smoothies, and milkshakes.

Wholegrain Mustard(45g): Perk up your favorite meals with this universal condiment made in traditional French style using vinegar and spices. Perfect for spicing up your sandwiches and burgers, or paired with cheese.

Spicy Onion Relish(45g): Slowly caramelised red onions and the bold flavours of chillies and balsamic vinegar create this robust relish that’s perfect on anything and everything. Top your favourite savoury items like quiches and burgers for that extra burst of flavour. Serve with a cheese platter to impress your guests or use as a glaze on your favorite meat.

Mango Jalapeno(45g): The luscious summer fruit is paired with spicy jalapeno peppers to create a delicious preserve that’s sweet to start but ends with a spicy kick. This chunky preserve is the perfect accompaniment to some soft cream cheese on a cracker. You can also use it as a marinade or even make a sweet-spicy sauce with it.

Shelf life: over 8 months

About the Brand:

The range of gourmet condiments (jams, preserves, mustards, relishes and spreads) are handmade in small batches using organic & natural ingredients and NO preservatives. Made with 100% pure & freshproduce, minimum sugar, and much love and care, we bring to you the freshest of the season, full of flavour. 

Returns and Cancellations:

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