Valley of flowers Body Mist 50ml

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About the Product

The Body Mist has a pleasant and charming aroma and works as a natural astringent and mild exfoliant that helps in reducing dullness, greasiness & uneven texture. It gently works on the skin, leaving it feeling smoother, brighter and younger.
FREE from Paraban, formaldehydes & Synthetic Fragrance.

How to use:
- Spray the body mist towards yourself from approximately 1 foot, directing it towards all the desired areas of your body
- After you spray the body mist, step into the mist in the air to allow the body mist to cover your skin completely
- Best to apply the body mist immediately after towel drying after a shower or bath as your pores are open then and will retain the scent for a longer duration 
- Do not spray into eyes.