Pond's White Beauty Tan Removal Face Scrub Face Wash 50 g

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About the Product:
This gentle yet effective face wash deeply cleanses, removes dirt and impurities and gives you oil-free and bright skin after every wash. This scrub will leave your skin looking fresh and attractive even after a long day outdoors and its purifying properties will give you an even skin tone.

- Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub contains a powerful combination of tan solve beads & 50% brightening cream.
- Ingredients promote the natural process of cells being shed when they reach the skin surface.
- Powerful combination of tan solve beads & 50% brightening cream.
- It gently scrubs away the daily tan while making your skin fairer.

How to Use:
Squeeze a coin-sized amount on your palms & lather up with lukewarm water. Gently massage your wet face for 30-60 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water.

About the Brand:
POND's believes that softness is beautiful, powerful and ever more precious. With the leading expertise of The Pond's Institute, these solutions are specially formulated for your ever-evolving skin care needs and concerns across different life stages, and changing lifestyles and environments.