Whole Shiitake 2-4cm

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This mushroom is the second most widely cultivated mushroom in the world. It has been a popular food source in the cuisine of Asia for hundreds of years. The shiitake has a medium-sized, umbrella-shaped, tan to a brown cap. The edges of the cap roll inwards. The underside and stem are white. It has been estimated that the origin of shiitake mushrooms can be traced to the Cretaceous period, over one hundred million years ago. It is found growing wild in the mountainous regions of China, Japan, Indonesia, and Taiwan. The Chinese were the first to cultivate this mildly fragrant mushroom more than six hundred years ago.

- Traditional Asian mushrooms
- Shiitake mushrooms will enhance the flavor fo most foods
- It is also tasty by itself, cooked several different ways
- It accents vegetables, meats, seafood, poultry, and even other mushrooms
- The classic way of handling dried caps is to simmer them in water with a little soy sauce to make a shiitake bouillon
- Added to a light cream sauce, the shiitake is ideal for flavoring pasta dishes

Reconstitute dried mushrooms by soaking in hot or boiling water for 20 minutes. Save the liquid to include with your food or for another dish. Pour off the liquid at the top to separate it from any debris at the bottom of the dish in which it was soaked.

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