Yellow - Shaving System

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This combo Includes:

1. Uncle Tony Razor:
Want to get rid of suspicious looks from your girlfriend’s dad? Desperate to nail that interview? UncleTony is your shaviour. The sharp razor blades know how to tame stubbles and shadows and turn you into a dapper and charming man. Well, charming is totally up to you.

- Premium 5 Blade Razor that shaves close for a super smooth shave.
- 5 Blades spaced closely for comfort and safety.
- Amorphous diamond coated blades deliver sharpness and durability.
- L – shaped blades designed for rinse through.
- Styling trimmer built into back of the cartridge.
- Push button for easy release.
- German precision.

2. 4 Blade Pack:
A man doesn’t need pick-up lines. He just needs UncleTony blades. Featuring amorphous diamond coating that provides comfort and safety, each cartridge is a 5 blade system and comes with a precision trimmer on the back. Sharp as your wit, these blades are perfectly engineered to give you the finest shave.

- Amorphous diamond coated blades deliver sharpness and durability.
- 5 blade system for comfort and safety.
- Adjusting pivoting head.
- Easy to place.
- 5 blade system for a clean and close shave.

3. Shaving Foam:
UncleTony Foam treats your skin like a princess. Not that we are calling you a princess. You are a goddamn warrior. The defending champion of manhood. Yet, this foam brings out the gentle side of you with a rich lather that invigorates and moisturizes in equal measure. Take that princess.

- Rich and creamy lather which is easy to spread.
- European Fragrance with menthol and Aloe extract.
- Contains Glycerin that increases razor glide and prevents redness.
- Cleanses, refreshes and tones skin without cuts and burns, giving you the smoothest shave.
- Compact size, easy to carry.
- Not tested on Animals.

4. After Shave Balm:
The grand finale to your shave? The UncleTony After Shave Balm, using our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France, has wonderful emollient and hydrating properties. Using organic Fair Trade Inca Inchi Oil from an ancestral Amazonian plant maintains skin elasticity and hydration while regulating keratinization to bring comfort to skin. Helianthus Anuus Seed Oil provides repairing action and doubles up as an anti-inflammatory hydrating agent. Hey it’s your face; it deserves the best.

- Nutritive and hydrating, it naturally softens and revitalizes skin.
- Wonderful emollient, hydrating properties.    
- Nourishing, regenerating, softening.   
- Hydrating to upper layers of skin.
- Anti-ageing properties: Reduction of wrinkles one hour after application; smoothing of skin micro-relief, moisturizing properties, emollient, skin-barrier protection.
- Issued from an ancestral Amazon plant, this oil maintains skin elasticity and hydration, while regulating keratinization.
- Brings comfort to your skin.

About the brand:
UncleTony’s premium grooming products are produced in Provence, France and feature high quality natural ingredients designed to leave you well-groomed and feeling…unpredictable!

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